Welcome to The Swedish Dachshund Club!

The Swedish Dachshund Club was founded in 1901 and Sweden’s first special club for dogs. The club is affiliated to the Swedish Kennel Club. We have 20 local departments and over 5,000 members, we are the fifth largest breed club in Sweden (2019). Our ambition is to continue to develop as a breed club – for Dachshunds into the future – together with you and our great Dachsies!

You are most welcome to contact our Chairman Mr. Gerhard Lilliestierna if you have any questions regarding our club, tel: +46 8-54068802, mobile: +46 (0)702-868676 or send an e-mail:

As a member you receive the Dachsie Magazine, which is published with five numbers per year. You are entitled to participate in all activities organized by Swedish and Nordic Dachshund clubs and their local departments. Help with referral and expert help in breeding issues, access to results from exhibitions and hunting tests across the country. Interested in burrow trials, hunting trials, tracking tests or dog shows in Sweden, please contact our Local Departments. (For show exhibitions look at the Swedish Kennel Club for Entry form and Show regulations.)


The Swedish Kennel Club is in charge of our membership.
You can call, fax or write to:
The Swedish Kennel Club (SKK)
Member Register
Box 771
191 27 Sollentuna, SWEDEN
NOTE! Announce that it applies The Swedish Dachshund Club!

Tel: +46 (0)8 795 33 44 (Mon-Fri between 10-12 AM and 13-15 PM)
Fax: +46 (0)8 795 30 98 E-mail:

  Bli medlem!

The membership fee in the Swedish Dachshund Club is SEK 300 for the regular member and SEK 100 for the family member from 2017.

Bying a puppy?

Please contact The Central Breeding Committee, they can provide information and advice on breeding and health as well as references.

Short-haired & wire-haired; rabbit/kaninchen & miniature/zwerg size
Mr. Christian Gabler, tel: +46 (0)709-28 21 93 

Short-haired; normal size
Mr. Tommy Jacobsen, tel: +46 (0)706-42 35 51

Wire-haired, normal size
Mrs. Liselott Ringman, tel: +46 (0)706-27 00 64

Long-haired; all sizes
Mrs. Susanne Forslund, tel: +46 (0)706-39 71 79

International cooperation + exterior
Mrs. Carina Olsson, tel: +46 (0)555-300 83, +46 (0)706-71 28 35

NB! Sweden has NO puppy farms or dogs in pet shops!!!

Bringing a dog to Sweden?

Pet dogs have to meet certain conditions to be allowed to enter into Sweden. What the conditions are depends on what country they are imported from. From January 2012 a new set of rules, all set by the European Union, apply for bringing dogs into Sweden. You will find useful and up-to-date information at Jordbruksverket’s website (The Swedish Board of Agriculture). Click on the link: Jordbruksverkets website.

Further information and application forms can be requested at:
Jordbruksverket (The Swedish Board of Agriculture)
551 82 Jönköping, SWEDEN

Tel: +46 36 15 55 33
Fax: +46 36 15 08 18

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